3 iulie 2016

Horoscope for July 4th, 2016 - New Moon in Cancer

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The beautiful and sensitive new Moon in Cancer is very meaningful for each of us. It talks about family, children, basic instincts and most important, about who you really are beyond what can be seen.
A new start based on old hobbits or old intentions have the chance now to be accomplished through new approach. Your soul is mandatory to be taken into account as zero priority. Nothing will be as happiness generator as being happy with what you are, with you have and with what you could be tomorrow.
This New Moon in Cancer has a very important insight: it invites you to validate your bases for moving forward correctly and fair  enough for what you really need.
Thus, you may face difficulties in managing your emotions, filters and basic inside needs. This New Moon  in Cancer offers a premise for better understanding of who you are, of your personal value and of the best investments you should do in terms of all types of resources: money, time, energy, skills. Pay attention to what really moves you on and what really drives you ahead. Choose wisely between family and stability, and career and challenges. For this, of course, it is needed to translate who you used to be into a much better self-expression. 
Keep in mind: you are priceless, what can really stop you in learning from the past for safer future?

  • new ideas and new plans may occur and you should be actively involved in the process of understanding the messages. 
  • set intentions and set-up plans for what you are willing to achieve.
  • mark the new beginnings and keep them on your to do list.
  • use your feeling to empower your rational things.
  • transform the dreams into a reality that makes you proud of yourself and ensures the authentic feelings and mind balance.
  • embrace and accept new things in your life.
  • go to the gym and plan a new lifestyle. Eat healthy and enjoy the new ways of doing things.
  • embrace a new approach and perspective regarding career and life path as well.
  • keep control over your life, finances and resources and put them to work for better.
  • dare to radically change things to new direction. Let your intuition be your guide to a confirmation of your determination around July 20th.
  • try to get out past experiences effects, forgive yourself, be gentle with yourself and let yourself concur new dimensions of emotions.