6 iulie 2016

Horoscope for July 2016

Horoscop publicat in revista www.vaivaimagazine.com :-)

The summer is very present, stars are working for us and the whole Universe is ready to stay at your disposal! Are you in?
Well, this summer should be really your time, enabling you to find the determination to do what you really have to do for better and to divert anything got to wrong direction to the right way. So be confident and trust yourself, but especially trust in what you would be able to be or to do tomorrow.
Get ready for the next phase of your lifetime that is coming pretty soon in September, when Jupiter in Libra will help you to get advantages from all you have built up to now. Combine the pleasure with useful and do not hesitate to chase your dreams. Until then, use the transit of Jupiter through Virgo and abuse of quality time to think and proceed to the better that it is yet to come! Work hard with yourself and your life plans. The rewards will be ensured.

In July, the Sun starts the transit through Cancer sign and after July 22nd it will enter Leo. This gives us emotional way to manifest our self-expression and to dare more. Beautiful Venus and Mercury transit also Cancer until July 15th and then the strong Leo. This gives us some restrictive mind and desires, but by the end of the month will determine us to indulge ourselves and to surround of beautiful people and things. Mars is still in Scorpio and sends us reasons to get insightful, to radically manifest our will and to feel difficulties in getting what we want. The question is: are we really happy with what we want? Are we able to make the difference between ambition and need? Only when we'll get the proper answer, we will be ready to move on, indeed :-)

We have also the New Moon in Cancer on July 4th: the chapter of our soul, more transparent and not quite fearless. We do not feel comfortable to risk, but we feel very comfortable in our very well-known comfort zone. Next approximately one month, it is a time to interrogate our soul to check if there is still the same old satisfaction and security. Once we can feel the stability, we can build on and dare to move forward to new things. The climax when we'll somehow know how to make this move forward will be on July 19th-20th, which is the moment of Full Moon in Capricorn, very important to understand the conclusions and resolutions that help us to redesign our perspective.

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A lot of work still, time to balance your personal and professional life, preoccupy about yourself, and use your creativity at maximum (especially during the second half of July). Do not forget, in the end, the family is what brings that happiness which generates the power to concur the career world. Plan your actions to be performed strategically step by step in the first 2 weeks of July and then keep your huge energy focused on making concrete things. It is not going to be easy, but all efforts aim to generate added-value to who you are and what you represent.

Get advantage of the first half of July and materialize things you already have in mind for a long time. In all you do, you should take into consideration that although what is known is safer, news may enrich you to open your mind for exploring various alternatives to success. Translate success through personal matters first. En joy spending time with your friends, attend specific courses that enable your professional and social development and be open to do small talks with persons who may help you in your interest.by the end of the month, family affairs may rise to your attentions.

Apparently calm but fussy, you get involved in interesting things that promise good perspective. You want to do too many things at once and this gets you tired. Take care about the energy you consume, it should be a good investment. After middle of July, you will have better opportunities for your objectives, so have in view a mandatory prioritization. Do not forget that all information’s details should form an assembly which is going to become a vision. Otherwise it is time consuming and poor outcomes.

July is you month! Relationships are the key preoccupation. Either you feel to bring into attention or even discussion some issues related to your partnership, either you introspect yourself and get your own conclusion. One way or another, this month you will need to clarify very deep situation regarding your feelings and future. You will get many insights and you'll get prepared to value yourself more. If this means saturation or satisfaction, this will be a surprise.

Enjoy summer in every way, do what you need and want and take care of your happiness. In the meantime, check your health and try to adopt wealth into your life. You need discipline and minimum rules to be able to organize yourself and to invest in yourself what is really worth. This way you will gain more money and satisfaction. Even if money can maintain happiness, the way you feel is vital. So put yourself into authentic value in the second part of the month, after constructive thoughts and insightful self-analysis you have occasion to do in the first weeks of July.

You are one of the lucky ones! Opportunities are at your disposal, still. Try to reflect to what has driven you to this point of your life lately and prioritize what you really need to integrate through changes or acceptance into your life. Use this month for setting-up a new order of the things you want in future, socialize, get new friendships, sponsors for your projects and represent adequately  bright idea, project or person. You will be happy to be able to see concrete outcomes, although these will not happen without effort.

Get out of the picture and observe objectively what is missing or what is wrong. This way you will understand what adjustments to do or what to eliminate from your day to day activities. Career is very important this month, new projects or professional challenges will put you in front and makes you more responsible. Of course, all your efforts and involvement will be seen and appreciated, so be determined about your scope and target. Your personal image will be improved and your superiors will show recognition, but not quite the way you expect.

Although Mars brings energy, you don't feel very prepared to let all the things you've dreamed of to develop as natural, you need to be in control more than ever. You are cautious in your actions and keep in mind you have to proceed whenever you will be ready to do it. July 4th is the moment when you recall important things from the past and reassure a new order for your priorities of your soul. Step by step you will successfully get out of your comfort zone and this shall set you free for the next medium term phase of your life.

From the second half of July and on, you will be in your element. Joviality, having fun mood and enthusiasm will be stimulated and this will make you feel ready and motivated to move mountains for your deepest desires and objectives achievement. Pretty surprising, after the beginning of the month when challenges almost convinced you to change radically your direction because of difficulties in finding fast right solution to achieve what you need or want. Get inspired and dare more, the summer take over your rhythm.

You are one of the lucky ones! Get advantages of this period of your life and do whatever you put in your thoughts to do. After some challenges, look at the opportunities and build additional steps to your success. Nothing should stop you now and all you build this year will have very satisfactory conclusions by the end of the year. You are used to be logic and calculated, but take some time to reflect and to understand what is beyond things. You will find the key to your evolution for the next years.

It is a challenging month, very good for your mobilization, but difficult to follow. You feel free being restless, creative, socializing and fighting for a human cause. Use these keys for opening new doors, for new perspectives. Let yourself inspired from success and mistakes and keep yourself confident and proactive in achieving what you proposed. Work hard, continue things you have already started, discover new ways of doing other things and get out of the box as you usually like to do. New tasks should be appreciated instead of considering them limitations of your freedom.

Love is the air; work is a chance to find insights for motivation. Try not to combine emotions with work and vice-versa. Treat separately these sectors of your life. Personal branding is a key asset now, so the way you appear and the way you do things talk a lot about you. Do not compromise yourself accepting minimum out of a huge potential. You have the chance to show who you really, so benefit from it using your charm, professionalism and integrity. What you don't get, maybe it is not for you...or you should strategically fight for it! Think about it ;-)