1 august 2016

Horoscope for August 2nd, 2016 - New Moon in Leo

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The moment of New Moon in Leo is unique for all of us, actually means a new fresh start as new beginnings rise ahead. 
All our energies should focus on ourselves, interesting insights are driven by our willing and desires for enhancing everything brings us happiness and enthusiasm. If there is about what we like, about love or fulfilled desires, it doesn’t matter. All we do in the following weeks to come, has to have one single aim: personal accomplishment through what we have and who we are and any deviation implies conditioning recovery. 
Mars proceed with its ingress in Sagittarius, after a period when it imposed us some “brakes” in order for us to rethink and reconsider some of our actions and ambitions. 
The sooner we understood the consequences and we managed to evaluate the impact, the better we are sustained to proceed from now on in a more adequate manner of developing our live. The best outcome of this difficult period that is going to be gone, was the understanding of the motivation that lies behind what we really want.
Now, the energy of Mars (a strong and determined one) gets in touch with our inner power of being, filtering those wishes that are interconnected with our soul deep capabilities. It gives us the will, the cheerfulness, the drive to dare and it suggests us to access the preferred routes if they are correctly filtered and adequate, in accordance with our potential to be. 

So, look what benefits and constructive period is yet to come! 
For some of us, this meaningful time brings the better union with ourselves and indicates a straight forward way to follow for our life’s quality improving. 
For others, it might bring demonstrative ways of self-expression or confusion between ambition and real needs that we should be able to manage. That’s why we must have in view a clear picture of the main objectives that we have. 
For everybody, generally, these intense influences invite to a new phase of life which has to be in line with near future perspectives. 

So, what we should start doing? 
Reject all that do not match to our dignity. Embrace all that generates a leaner process of better self-transformation, if needed.
Step ahead; try to have a good understanding of the end scope, guided by happiness of simplicity, having the power to accommodate with the changes!
Plan better inner-journeys, open doors, better desires and suitable wishes for the heart's need.