4 septembrie 2016

Horoscope of September 2016: uncertainties, corrections and…eclipses

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Here we go with a very dynamic month, highlighted by important astrological events, talking about challenges and fine mixes or shrilled vibes, but also bringing new perspectives that can be built up on a smart selection of perceptions.

On September 1st we have New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo, opposite Neptune in Pisces and involved in a tense square with Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. What is seems to be clear and settled, even promising at first sight, is going to get through difficult and confusion filters, until there will be a real prove of what exactly is meant to be worthy out of everything is happening.  

Jupiter leaves the Virgo sign on September 9th and performs its ingress in Libra where is going to feel more comfortable for the next 1 year. This way, it’s like an invitation to socialize, to focus on our relationships of all kinds, in a context which is oriented to union in general, but to the other especially.

Since 30th of August, beautiful Venus develop its transit through Libra until September 23rd and brings the relationships and the way we face the love and money, into the light 

Between 15th and 20th of September, the opposition between Venus in Libra and Uranus in Aries (in transit) is taking place. This aspect speaks about impatience in the way we report one to each other, especially within the personal and intimate relationships, about the impulse of changing and taking decisions, in a radical and sometimes hasty manner, about conflicts and contradictory arguments.

While the opposition between Venus and Uranus is active, on September 16th we have a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, which will receive tension and strains through the square aspect with Mars in transit through Sagittarius. The tension becomes acute, it behaves introvert in any of us, the interior chaos manifest very depressor while assisting at the fight between emotions, compassion and sacrifice, and rational, utility and involvement aimed to perfection. We might experience a tiredness of an agitation which apparently is going end with no results. Also, some difficulties of getting to a specific compromise or solution is going to overwhelm us.

***The effects of the 2 Eclipses in September (Solar Eclipse in Virgo and Lunar Eclipse in Pisces) may persist up to 6 months and may bring conclusions or finalization of some situations, rather slow then suddenly, but inevitable. Also, these effects may be two-faced: they can bring new chapters for our lives which are going to be connected with our deepness of our soul and for certain, conditioned by our trust and power of being able to welcome, accept and understand the reason and scope of a sacrifice or compromise, beyond the proximity of the logic. The lessons learned of such astral events are the ability of dedication to a correct interest or to the other and the capability of being able to accept corrections are real exams for our personal and spiritual evolution, while letting ourselves moved with the flow may be a challenge. A correct spiritual evolution is equal to healthy life in so many cases of our existence.

In parallel, since 30th of August, Mercury, in its transit through Virgo, starts its retrograde flow, which is going to last until September 22nd, but with a real end on October 7th, when it enters Libra. Until then, comes in conflict with Saturn in Sagittarius and tangles us in perception, focus, capacity of issuing coherent arguments and taking proper decisions, as the ideas structure and the essence of our thoughts are difficult to be managed.  

On September 22nd, the Moon in transit through Gemini creates a square aspect with the conjunction Mercury - North Node in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. This is a messy and slippery day, hard to understand and digest, when events held fast and restless, a difficult day for decisions, but a good day for good communication of things we have on our mind. Discuss and better wait for concrete completions. Progressively in the coming day’s dynamism and subtle things will be reduced like entering another route and certainly in a different phase, in which we participate with what we know to live and offer better. On September 26th, Pluton starts going straight through its transit in Capricorn and shows us again that the resistance to change transposes us into a well worth victim role that will not be very comfortable, so welcoming changes will help us to resist the challenges of life.

Mars leaves Sagittarius on September 27th and enters Capricorn, bringing a change of energy, making the switch from enthusiasm and almost nonexistent limitations in what we intend, to tenacity, cool strategy and perseverance this month.

While Saturn is still in Sagittarius, it squares Neptune retrograde all month. A difficult ability to concentrate upon what we need is going to be felt by all of us. We are seamless redirected from the coherent direction, it is not easy to see clear solutions, but, on the positive way, by letting things go we’ll be surprised to realize a bright face of a problem which is going to be mind-relaxing. By getting inspired, we will set ourselves free.
Here's how things related to health , personal goals, work, invested or consumed resources, now represent issues or plans of our life which are important to be clarified , decided, retested , adjusted or corrected .

We question ourselves about the meaning of life, about the direction in which things should evolve now in our lives, about giving and receiving love, about the actual chances that we have in our existing relationships, about the possibility of getting that much-desired balance. There may be fears of success or fear of loss of love. As fears are stronger, the faith should be strengthened and confident. We are invited to assume sacrifices or compromises that we choose to do or not.

On October 1st, we will have New Moon in Libra and nice accompany of Jupiter, offering us a new spirit regarding relationships especially, but also related to what we love and desire in general.

Where to pay attention in September: Signing documents/contracts, verbal understandings, contracts, sales, to whom we promise and what, to what is promised to us, priorities, objectives, resources evaluation, expectations, informational details.
Signs affected:  all signs in general and especially Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces.

What we have the chance to do in September: adjustments, corrections of documents, situations or strategies. Giving up to something or someone might be a solution in some cases. Or accepting of some situations that initially were unpleasant, as well may be proper at the end. 

What is important to realize in September: our relationship with divinity, re-validation of our trust, the better understanding of the sense of unhappiness, but also the satisfaction of what we are and what we have. Do not forget about your healthy, for body, mind and soul. This is the essential landmark of this month. This month is crucial, as it makes the new road to a new phase of our lives, from seriousness, sacrifice of doing what is must, to what the heart tells us to go for.